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Old Mill Museum - Dundee, Michigan

In May of 2019, we traveled to Dundee Michigan, and took a tour of the Old Mill Museum. The building and antique collection were simply amazing, and this location is also what we like to call, "paranormal friendly".

They embrace the paranormal claims at this location and love to talk about them too.

For more details about the history and paranormal of this building, please check out the video that we produced about the location.

The Old Mill is located at 242 Toledo St. Dundee, MI 48131. Check out the Old Mill Museum website for details about hours and admission prices.

The outside of the building is just as fascinating as the treasurers inside. They have done a wonderful job with keeping up with the building and making it a great historical masterpiece for many generations to come.

The Ford Turbine Generator

One of the interesting items in the museum is the Ford turbine generator. This building has a vast history before and after Henry Ford, but here is the section that relates specifically to Henry Ford and the turbine.

In the 1920's Detroit Edison acquired the rights to power the Village, and the mill stood abandoned and weather-beaten until the 1930s. In 1931, Village officials voted to demolish the building in a clean-up campaign. However, Henry Ford informed them that he was the new owner.

In 1935, Mr. Ford began work on the Old Mill. He stripped the building to its original timber frame. It was rebuilt along the old lines, and timber for the mill foundation was cut from adjacent land and hand-hewed.

Henry Ford also added a limestone structure in which he installed a Leffel turbine-powered G.E. generator and a steam-powered generator as well as a foundry and steam boilers. His new factory was now part of his grand design for dotting the countryside with village industries.

The Dundee plant produced welding tips for Ford's main factories. In the Depression Era, the plant was of major importance to the local economy.

After Mr. Ford's death, the company gradually withdrew its support of the village industries and the plant was sold in 1954 to Wolverine Manufacturing Company. The company converted the plant into a paper mill to produce gasket material.

There are many treasures within the building, documenting the local history of the Dundee area. Please make sure that you see the link below for more photographs from within the museum.

We want to go back to this location and conduct a full paranormal investigation in the future. They also hold a paranormal conference at this location in November. Please let us know below if you have been to this location before, or if you would like to visit it sometime in the future.

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