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Visiting Grauman's Chinese Theater (TLC Theater)

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

In October of 2011, we traveled out to Los Angeles, and one of our stops on this trip as the Grauman's Chinese Theater. Not only is this a historical location, but there are several who believe the theater is also very haunted.

Unfortunately, Marianne wasn't with me on this visit. She was still in her conference back in Anaheim when JoAnne (Marianne's sister) and myself rented a private car to tour around Los Angeles for the day. We were taken to various locations through out Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles, but definitely had to stop here at the theater for a little bit. We were aware of some of the paranormal reports about the theater, it has been in the database for a while, but to be there and see some of the footprints and artifacts in personal was a surreal moment. The theater is located at 6925 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028.

TCL Chinese Theatre is a movie palace on the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame. Originally named and still commonly known as Grauman's Chinese Theatre, it was renamed Mann's Chinese Theatre in 1973; the name lasted until 2001, after which it reverted to its original name. You can find out more information about the theater (and the paranormal activity) in our video below.

Nearly 200 Hollywood celebrity hand prints, footprints, and autographs are in the concrete of the theater's forecourt. Fairbanks and Pickford were the first, done on April 30, 1927. We didn't have enough time to take pictures of all 200 of them (again, Marianne wasn't with us); however, if you look at the section right below these pictures, we have provided some on-line resources where you can see who all has contributed and a clickable map as to the locations of where they are located.

To find out who all has contributed check out The Classic Movie hub page. For a clickable map of locations, you can view the website. If you have visited the theater yourself, or would like to visit it sometime in the future, please leave us a comment down below.

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