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About Us


Welcome to Our Haunted Travels...

This blog is dedicated to documenting our adventures and journeys that we have shared together; the places we have visited, the history we have personally experienced, and the paranormal that we have encountered.  


Welcome to the Our Haunted Travels Blog.   Shawn and Marianne Donley are the owners of (an on-line database of historical and haunted locations across the United States and Territories).  


They have been researching the paranormal since 2010. Not only do they investigate, but the dive deep into the history of the locations and review what others have found or claim about a location as well.


They have visited, investigated, and researched over 350 locations and their quest continues on even today.  In November of 2017, they started a series called "Our Haunted Travels" in order to document their experiences and travels. 


Each week they will feature one of those locations they have personally visited on their YouTube Channel (and now on this blog).

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