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Locations We Have Visited


The following is a dynamic database report of all of the locations that we have personally visited.   Most of which we have performed some type of paranormal investigation as well.   If you click on the associated PANICd# or icons, you can find out more information about these locations.   Check back often, as we get new videos and blog posts created or even visit new locations, they will be added to this report.   If you would like to find out some behind-the-scenes information and help support, "Our Haunted Travels", please check out our Patreon page.

Visited Location Report

A few words about the color coding:  We use this list to keep track of the documentation and coding that we have completed and what needs to be done.   If you see items in bright red, this means we have some work to do in the database.  Items with Yellow means that there are some things that might have to be done and/or created such as videos on our YouTube Channel.  The items that are in blue are completed documented (however, we may go back and do some updates)


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