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Digging Up the Dirty Past

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

From spring of 2001 to the summer of 2002, Marianne participated in an archeological project with a team headed by Dr. White from Youngstown, University. Their main purpose was the relocation of the Friends Burying Grounds in Damascus, Ohio.

During our live stream, Marianne did a presentation explaining the project and showing pictures that she took throughout the entire time she spent there working at the site. Some of the video during the live stream cut in/out due to our Internet connection; however, the bulk of the presentation was quite interesting.

The following is the Google Sheets she used during the presentation. Here you can see some of the photos better; although, it does not have her audio commentary.

I entitled this post, "Digging up the Dirty Past", due to pictures like the following. It was a very dirty job getting down there and laying in the dirty. The following photo is a great example of just how dirty they got during the project.

Marianne took several hundred photos over the multiple years of the project. The following are just some of them. You can see more photos when you click on the "more photos" button below.

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