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Edgar Allan Poe - At the University of Virginia

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

In July of 2017, we stopped at various places around Charlottesville, Virginia. One of these stops was to see the room that Edgar Allan Poe used during his short stay at the University of Virginia.

Often times when we are staying in a area, we will do some research to find different historic, strange, or paranormal locations that are within the area. We never know if we will get back that way in the future, and really don't want to miss out on an opportunity.

During this research, we found out the Edgar Allan Poe spent a short time at the University of Virginia, which just so happened to be not far form the hotel room we were staying at, so we decided to go over and take a look.

The historical marker at the location of his dorm room reads as follows:

"Edgar Allan Poe - 1809 - 1849 - Writer, poet, and critic. Was born in Boston, Mass. Orphaned at a young age, Poe was raised by John and Frances Allan of Richmond. He attended schools in England and Richmond before enrolling at the University of Virginia on 14-Feb. 1926 for one term, living in No. 13 West Range. He took classes in the Ancient and Modern Languages. While at the university, Poe accumulated debts that John Allan refused to pay. Poe left the university and briefly returned to Richmond, before moving to Boston in Mar. 1827. Some of his best - known writings include The Raven, Annabel Lee, and Tell Tail Heart. He also edited the Southern Literary Messenger in Richmond from 1835 - 1837. Poe died in Baltimore, Md."

To find the marker and the Edgar Allan Poe Room at the University of Virginia, you can use the address of 13 E Range, Charlottesville, Va. See the map below for the location and for directions to the marker.

Once we found the marker and the location, we had another issue. Parking. Parking in that area is restricted to University employees only and after driving around looking for a parking location, we just went back and pulled over for a short amount of time. After all, we visited on a Sunday, and I was sure that it would be find for a few minutes while we got some pictures. See more photos below:

Please leave us a comment below if you have been to this location or even knew that Poe attended here for the short amount of time that he actually did attend. We were surprised.

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