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Ford Fairlane Drive-By

On July 13, 2022 we were in Dearborn, Michigan for a few days visiting the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield village. After dinner, we decided to go and look for the Ford Fairlane. The home of Henry and Clara Ford.

We entitle this post as being a drive-by. Not all of our stops are spending a lot of time on the grounds or within the building, they are just that, drive by the location. We only took 7 photos and a 10-second clip at this location due to two things. First, it was a very long day. We just has spent most of the day walking around in the heat at Greenfield Village and we just filled up on some great food. We were actually ready to just head back to the air conditioned hotel room, but something was telling us we had to go and find this house before we left Michigan. Second, it was almost 6 p.m. and the grounds of the estate closed at 6 p.m. We didn't want to get stuck or locked in the gates.

Right now, you are not able to go inside of the house since it is close and undergoing some major renovations. The grounds and gardens are open to the public. On their website they mention that you do have to file for a permit to take professional video or photographs. I reached out to them via Facebook and asked if this was needed for those who do what we do, and they replied back (a few days later) stating that we did not need a permit. The home is located at: 1 Fair Ln Dr., Dearborn, MI.

Well, we have actually become travel bloggers/vloggers so we have to include our stop we made for dinner since it was just a great experience. We found a restaurant that was close to the museum called The Ford Garage. This was the fist time we stopped in and it was a great experience. Service was awesome, the atmosphere was awesome, and the food was even better. They even brand the logo in the buns of their burgers. Of course we gave them great reviews on Trip Advisor, Good Maps, and Yelp.

Shawn had the BBQ Shrimp

Marianne had the Signature Burger. They even brand the bun with their logo

We ordered the antenna of Onion Rings too and shared them. They were cooked perfectly and tasted delicious.

About the Estate

Back to the estate of Henry and Clara Ford. This home is massive in size. It has 56 rooms including an indoor bowling alley and swimming pool. Unfortunately, the pool was filled in some time ago, but the building itself is 31,000 square foot and the original estate was a massive 1300 acres.

As mentioned above, something was telling us that we needed to find this house. Was it just to see this huge mansion or was it something else, well, when we got back home and I was going through organizing our photos from the trip, I started to do some research on the estate. Turns out, yep, it's haunted. Should of known. We actually went back to the museum and the village to get better footage and knew the paranormal activity there. There is almost always some place that pops up on these trips that we do not have our research done in advance. Well, of course, this was the place.

So, this location has landed a spot in the database as #2137, Once we get word that it is open again as a museum or for tours, we will be heading back to Michigan, but for now, you can find out more in the database.

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