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Investigating the Barnhisel House - Girard, Ohio

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

We were asked if we would like to investigate the Barnhisel House in Girard, Ohio by the Girard Historical Society. On February 17, 2019 we did just that; however, this time we did two investigations, two nights back to back.

We were invited to come into the location to perform our investigation and it was a wonderful building and we are extremely thankful for being asked to come in and do the investigation.

The Barnhisel House is a beautiful home and museum located at 1011 N State St, Girard, OH 44420. We will have more on the house in later posts and videos, as we plan on going back to do more investigations and research. This blog post is more focused on our first investigation there.

Just one artifact that we found interesting (there where many, many, many more interesting artifacts which we will discuss at a later date), was a purse that was made by Eliza Barnhisel for her daughter Minnie's wedding to German Lanterman in 1893. You have probably heard us talk about Lanterman's Mill in Youngstown before, well this was the purse that was at their wedding.

Here are a few more photos from the investigation nights, you can see more by click on the "More Photos" button down at the bottom of this blog.

The following four videos, we will take you with us on the investigation in the house. The first two are from the first night and the second two are from the following night. We will just end this post here and let you enjoy the investigation.

Let us know down in the comments what you think about the investigation or if you would like to visit this location sometime in the future yourself.

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