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Investigating The Hotel Conneaut

We have led a large group investigation at the hotel now on three different occasions. This post is to cover the many different locations we have conducted at this awesome historic and haunted Hotel Conneaut.

We were asked to run the Saturday night ghost hunts of the hotel when we attended the Paranormal Psychic Fair in 2018.

During the day, Marianne made sure that took the historic tour of the building so that she could find out all of the history and paranormal activity so that we could share it with our guests during the ghost hunt that night. The following is a video clip from that first ghost hunt that talks about the history and the paranormal claims.

On that first ghost hunt, we were first learning about the building (it was our fist time there), and providing the ghost hunt for those who paid to take part in the event. We stayed on the first floor during this trip, but we were able to investigate the bridal suite in room 302. Unfortunately, we did not record anything in that room since it was at the end of that night and were just getting tired (we fixed this problem in the last two ghost hunts, since we actually rented room 302 and finished the hunt there). So, we did a collaboration video with Bill and Katie from Paranormal Pursuit in relationship to Room 302. This is when we actually met Bill and Katie. They are from Eerie, Pennsylvania and signed up to do the ghost hunt that night.

The following year we ran a ghost hunt in April and in November. The following is a shortened/edited video from the investigation in April. During this investigation, we were able to start in the Fireplace Room, go into the kitchen, and go into the quarters where the workers live.

The following are some photographs form our investigations. You can see more photos by click on the "More Photos" button down in the section below.

Although we have investigated this location three times, we would do it again in a heartbeat. The only thing is, we have a theory. Investigating the location the same night after a Psychic Fair, seems to drain the spiritual energy a little bit. Kind of like the spirits were just sleepy and wanted to have a rest. You would think that the opposite would be true; however, the three different occasions we did the group investigations were a little slow and earlier that day, the Psychics were booked all day long.

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