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Is the Christmas Story House Haunted?

Nestled within a little neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio is a little house from a very iconic holiday movie, the Christmas Story House. Our question was, is this house haunted?

We visited the location in August of 2017. Why did we go in the summer? Well, on the day we visited, there were about 40 people on our scheduled tour, right after the tour before us with about another 40 people. I can only imagine how busy and crowded this location would be doing the Christmas season. The house and museum is located at 3159 W 11th St, Cleveland, OH 44109. You can find out their tour hours and pricing on their website.

Back to the question about being haunted. We had found a report that a paranormal group was going to be staying in the house and doing an investigation. They were going to record the investigation for a television show; however, we never found or head about any of the results. It was like nothing ever happened. So, we are not sure if they investigated or if it was canceled. Furthermore, did they just pull the plug, because they did not find anything. We produced a video asking the same questions and asking if anyone has heard anything to please let us know.

How did the house become a museum? Well, owner Brian Jones started out making and selling the leg lamps which spawned into a career and him purchasing the property and refurbishing it back to the way it looked during the filming of the movie. We discussed this even more when we did a live stream about the location, you can check that out in the following video.

When you arrive at the location, you need to go to the gift shop across the street to purchase your tour tickets and schedule the time for your tour.

The tour also takes you across the street to another building that houses more memorabilia from the movie. Unfortunately, we did not go to the museum since we were in a rush to get to another location before it closed; however, we have seen several videos about the museum and will go back some day and take our time.

We had some time between checking in the for the tour and the time for the tour to begin, so we went across the street to the Rowley Inn to have some lunch. We already paid to have our car parked at the "Bumpuss' House" (Which is now part of the complex and you can spend the night there too), so we didn't want to leave the parking lot. We found out that during the filming of the movie, most of the cast would go to the Rowley Inn to have lunch (and a few spirits) in between their set calls. The food was delicious by the way, highly recommended.

Now, as you know, we mention this a lot, but most museums have a gift shop. This location is no different. If you want to pick up your own leg lamp, this is the shop you want to visit.

Here is another little "tid-bit" we learned on the tour. The crate in the movie (and now the shipping crates when you purchase a leg lamp) have "HIS END UP" stamped on them with the "T" cut off. Well, the prop was made before they measured the front door of the house. They had to quickly cut it down to make it fit inside the door when it was delivered. This is why the "T" is missing on the crate. If you have been to the house, or would like to visit it in the future, please let us know down in the comment section below.

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