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Our Visit to Sun Studio

In October of 2008 we traveled to Memphis and one of the stops during our time there was to the infamous Sun Studio.

This is one of those locations that was on Shawn's bucket list for years. The birthplace of Rock and Roll, "Yes, please!" Just to be in that location and witness the sites and surroundings of the early pioneers was a great experience, and we loved every minute of it. Unfortunately, as mentioned before in our Graceland post, we did not have great technology back then. So, please understand some of the blurry and fuzzy images. We put together a video that talks about the history, the paranormal claims we found, and our experiences at Sun Studios.

Sun Studio is located at 706 Union Ave in Memphis Tennessee. If you go to Memphis, be sure to include this location and tour on your stop list. You can find out information about the tours and ticket prices on the Sun Studio website.

When we arrived at the studio, it almost looks exactly like it did in all of the photos we have seen about the location. With the iconic Sun Records logo and the neon signs, this was surely going to be an epic adventure. All of the following pictures where taken outside of the building as we made our way inside for the tour.

After we entered through the gift shop and purchased our tour tickets, the fist stop was the museum up on the second floor. There are many relics in the museum dating back to when some of the legends recorded there. The following is actually a chair that B.B. King used.

We know the following picture is really blurry and apologize again for that, but this is a picture of Elvis Presley's actual Social Security card.

And here is a picture of his high school diploma.

After leaving the museum upstairs, the group made their way into the studio. The hair was standing up on Shawn's arms as we walked in and stood in the locations where the legends recorded.

The "X" that you see there on the floor is the location where they believe that Elvis stood when he recorded "That's Alright Mamma".

Here is a video that explains the "X". This is the video that is cut off in our main video above. Here is the complete video.

In this following video, the tour guide explains how Johnny Cash used to play his guitar and how they got that sound that sounded like a train going down the tracks.

The Million Dollar Quartet Information

In our main video above, we talked about the "Million Dollar Quartet" and what the following picture means. Please be sure to check out that section in our video for more details.

Elvis Presley talking about "Don't Be Cruel".

We had a great time at this location. We don't have much more to share with you than what we already did in our video, just that you need to make sure you leave yourself some time for the tour and to walk around and take it all in while you are there. Let us know down in the comments if you have visited Sun Studio before and what your experience was like. We would love to hear about your adventure.

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