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Villagers Still Working - Zoar Village

We have visited Zoar Village on a few occasions. This blog post is dedicated to the video that we made about the location's history, the paranormal claims, and our personal experiences.

We have another blog post entitled Memories of Zoar, Orbs of Plenty that was brought over into Our Haunted Travels when we started this project. The blog (and associated video) talks about a trip that we organized and took with many guests from Youngstown down to Zoar Village and we we able to take part in a Ghost Walk/Hunt. On that page we had several photographs from that trip and almost all of them were taken at night.

When we worked on this video project, we did have some photographs from a trip we took to the village a while back and had a bunch of photos in the day time; however, we believe that those may have been lost when we had a hard drive crash. If we do find them, we will update this page and the photo collection page for this location, but I don't have many to use for this blog post.

The following video goes over the history, paranormal claims, and our personal experiences while visiting Zoar Village in Zoar, Ohio.

We really do love visiting this location. It is not far from where we live, just about an hour and 1/2 drive and it is nice to just roll down main street looking around thinking that you just took a time machine and went back in time. At night, it was a little bit creepier walking around town just sensing people are watching you. Especially when you walk past buildings that you know the living are not occupying at the time.

Of course we have left a positive review for this location, you can check it out here.

The address we use when we travel to Zoar is: 198 Main Street, Zoar , OH 44697

Associated Recipe for this Location!

Marianne also made a Haunted Recipe Video about a Humming Bird Cake where you got the recipe from Zoar Village. We have another blog post entitled, Humming Bird Cake - Zoar Village where you can see the video and there is a link to download the recipe.

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