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Visiting the John and Annie Glenn Museum

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

On June 25, 2022 we traveled down to New Concord, Ohio and visited the John and Annie Glenn Museum. This is the second time we visited this location, and this time we took Marianne's dad and Shawn's mom. We had a great time on this adventure.

We visited this museum back in 2019 on the way back home from our Marietta, Ohio trip, but we never documented this location or made a video about it. This time, we were going to get the visit properly documented. The museum is located at: ​72 W Main St, New Concord, OH 43762. You can find out more about the times of operation and their entrance fees on their website.

We made a video about this location and will bring you along on the tour that we took inside. Marianne also took almost 200 photos during this visit which you can find clicking on the "More Photos" link button below.

To enter the museum, you drive around to the back of the building. There is a parking lot designated for the museum; however, it is full, there is some overflow parking just below the main parking lot. When you enter the museum, you first watch a short film about John and Annie Glenn. There is also restrooms located here in this main "first" room.

The downstairs is decorated for a certain time period in the lives of John and Annie Glenn. These time periods will change every couple of years; however, the museum will have a docent that is dressed for the time period that is being portrayed and will tell the story of the Glenn's for that time period. This time, the docent was the cousin of "Johnny's" who is staying with the Glenn's while she is attending college to save some money. While she is living there, she helps out Mrs. Glenn (John's mother) with some of the chores around the house. It is a very interesting way of presenting the museum in a very creative way.

There are many artifacts that belonged to the Glenn's on the first floor of the home. One of the items that was pointed out was that the Glenn's had a modern bathroom facility and a telephone. John's father had many jobs including owning a car dealership and he was a plumber. Which probably explains why they had the modern bathroom facilities inside the house. She also mention that Mrs. Glenn was very thrifty. She would only allow them to put a very little bit of water in the bathtub for a bath, and they would all have to share it. I guess you hoped to be the one to get the bath first.

When you go upstairs of the museum, there is another docent who takes over and tells you about the items that are in the building that belonged to John and Annie Glenn.

There are many items upstairs ranging form the suit that John wore when he performed his cross country super-sonic flight to the uniform and wedding dress the couple wore for their wedding. There are other items too such as John's military uniforms (he was a member of each branch of the military with the exception of the National Guard), John's father's uniforms, and John's grandfather's uniform.

We really enjoyed this second visit to the museum and have already planned to go back again in a couple of years when they change out the downstairs to reflect another period of time in John and Annie Glenn's life.

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