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Visiting the Star Barn

In August of 2019, we traveled to Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania for a Civil War Reenactment and to go for a ride on the Lincoln Funeral Train. We were amazed by the location and the items that we found during our visit to the Star Barn.

While we were on location, we tried to conduct a live stream from the location; however, technology was just not working with us too much on that day. The following is our attempted live stream from the location.

The Star Barn is located within the Stone Gables Estate. It is available to rent for weddings and special occasions and throughout the year they hold events of their own, similar to the one that we attended. You are not able to visit the grounds of the barn unless you are attending a private event or a public event that is being hosted there. The barn is located at: 1 Hollinger Lane, Elizabethtown, Pa. ​17022.

The following items are part of the Howard Wert collection including a portrait of Jenny Wade, a death mask of Abraham Lincoln, and the podium that was used during the dedication of the Soldier's National Cemetery in Gettysburg (a.k.a. The Gettysburg Address).

As mentioned above, we had to cut our live stream short while we were at the barn, but we did continue to record video and take pictures of the items inside the barn. This media was just too good to not share with you, and we wanted to use one of our "Let's Talk Paranormal" studio shows to talk about our visit, show those photos, and video clips. HOWEVER, technology was not on our side. What we did instead was created a video that highlights our experiences there showing the exterior of the building, the J. Howard Wert collection, and some of that dancing demonstration. You can check out that video below:

We have another blog post that explains more about the Lincoln train that we rode on while we were at this location. You can check out that post here.

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