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Visiting the Toledo Midwest Parafest in 2019

In May of 2019 we traveled to Toledo, Ohio to attend the Midwest Parafest. This was an exciting trip since we did not have a booth nor did we work the conference. We actually got to go and just enjoy ourselves at the event.

After checking into getting tickets for the event, we actually decided to contact the person putting on the event and offer to be a Bronze level sponsor for the event for us; however, this was part of Our Haunted Travels. The sponsorship did get us some extra perks and access at the conference. We were able to go back after the conferenced closed and have dinner with the speakers that were there during the day.

Of course one of the main reasons we wanted to go to the conference, and how we originally found out about it, was that Jeff Mudgett was speaking at the even. Those of you know now us and have seen our videos know that Marianne is a huge Jeff Mudgett groupie. Of course we were going. If you would like to see more about the talk that Jeff gave (actually we recorded the entire presentation) in regards to his great, great grandfather, H.H. Holmes, you can click here.

Marianne with Jeff Mudgett
Marianne with Jeff Mudgett

Shawn with Jeff Mudgett
Shawn with Jeff Mudgett

Shawn with Jeff Belenger
Shawn with Jeff Belenger

Shawn also got to get his picture taken with Jeff Belenger who he has been following for years as Jeff is also the owner of Ghost Village. Actually, this is the Jeff that Shawn and Marianne had dinner with at the VIP dinner. Jeff Belenger was at our table.

For more details about the event, please check out the video "vlog" type video that we made documenting the event.

At the time we would go live every Saturday at 5 p.m. EST on our channel no matter where we were located. We planned on going live at the event, out in back of the building, but the wind was actually causing the property to flood.

So, plan B... we went back to our hotel room and did the live stream from there. If you would like to watch that stream it is below.

All around, we had a great weekend. We really did enjoy getting away and being a "guest" at an event for the first time ever actually. We normally do not get a chance to do that. Normally, when we go to events we have a booth or we speak, or both. This weekend was just to get away and enjoy ourselves. We think we need more weekends like this.

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