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Did We Have a Paranormal Experience - El Campo Santo Cemetery - Old Town San Diego

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

In November of 2018, we traveled out to San Diego, and one of our stops was to the Cemetery El Campo Santo in Old Town, San Diego. We found several paranormal reports about this old cemetery, and had to just stop there and experience it for ourselves.

For more history about the cemetery, and what we believed could of been a paranormal experience that we personally witnessed, please watch the following video.

The Cemetery of El Campo Santo is located just right down the street form the Haunted Whaley House, in fact there is a story about the cemetery that relates to the Whaley House. If you are familiar with the stories of the Whaley house, you have heard about Yankee Jim Robinson, the man who stole San Diego's only row boat and was hung for a tree where the Whaley House now stands. Well, he was buried in this cemetery. The cemetery is located at 2410 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110.

Most of the graves that are left inside the walls of the cemetery seem to be taken care of or visited often. The wall around the cemetery now, does not actually represent the original cemetery boundaries.

You see in 1889, the cemetery was bisected by a street car line, and in 1942 was later paved over to become what is now San Diego Avenue. Graves (and bodies) were left under the pavement and it is believed that there may be other graves under the surrounding buildings as well. In 1993, graves under the sidewalk and street were identified with ground penetrating radar, and there are now little copper markers noting those locations in the cement.

We did do a little research before heading out to Old Town San Diego and found out about this cemetery. We just had to stop there and see this for ourselves. Little did we know that we may have had an encounter with one of the restless spirits that lingers within the walls of the cemetery.

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