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Gettysburg Train Station Virtual Experience 2022

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

In June of 2022 we traveled back to Gettysburg and one of the locations that we stopped at was our beloved Gettysburg Train Station. Marianne wanted to check out the new virtual experience they now have within the building.

We have been to the Gettysburg Train Station many times. Every time we go to Gettysburg, we make a point to go over to the station to check it out and stand within the rooms that many have traveled through one their way too and from the town. Including President Lincoln when we arrived (and exited) through the station when he came to the town for the dedication of the Soldier's National Cemetery and to deliver his Gettysburg Address.

This time, we have some mixed feelings. The inside of the station has been completely remolded and there is now a virtual experience that you can participate in. All of the artifacts that were once within the building that we have seen (and photographed) in the past are no longer there. The inside of the building has been completed renovated. However, the virtual experience was wonderful. We just wish they wouldn't have gutted the historical building like they did.

If you would like to visit the station for yourself:

We put together a video talking about our recent visit and review of the virtual experience. In this video you can see what the building looked like back in 2018 and what it looks like now. Also, there are many more photos of this building if you click on the "More Photos" link below.

In conclusion, do we recommend the virtual experience and going to the Gettysburg Train Stations. Absolutely! 100%. We just miss the way the building was before the renovation.

Let us know down in the comments if you have been to the Gettysburg Train Station and what your thoughts are about the renovations.

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