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Harriet Taylor Upton House

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

The Harriet Taylor Upton House, a location near and dear to our hearts for many reasons. This is a great refurbished historical location that should be on your list to at least stop by and take a peak.

On several occasions we have been to this house. We originally contacted the Upton Association (who are the caretakers of this museum) to see if it was possible to rent the building in order to produced our simulated Victorian Wakes. This house was a perfect venue for that.

Before we get into our experiences, please take a look at who Harriet Taylor Upton was...

The Harriet Taylor Upton House is located at 380 Mahoning Avenue in Warren, Ohio.

The house itself has been restored to the way it looked back during the time that Harriet lived there. The Association has done a wonderful job with their efforts, and with keeping the upkeep on the building. For some history about the building, please check out the following video...

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, we have been to the building several times on multiple occasions. Mainly to produce our Victorian Wake. Here are some photos form one of the productions.

If you would like to hear more about our personal experiences at the Upton House, please check out the following video...

Here of some photos from inside the house that we took before we setup for the wake. We did this since the building is a museum and we wanted to make sure that everything was put back when we were finished.

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