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Gettysburg Heritage Center

We have been by this museum several times during our visits to Gettysburg, but have never spent the time to go inside to take a look. In May of 2023, we stopped by the museum for the first time to take the tour.

Gettysburg Heritage Center

If you would like to take the tour inside the building with us, please check out our video about the Gettysburg Heritage Center.

The Gettysburg Heritage Center is located at 297 Steinwehr Ave, Gettysburg, Pa. You can check the location's website for information about hours and ticket prices.

Witness the Battle of Gettysburg from two perspectives – the civilians who lived in Gettysburg and the soldiers who fought here. Step back in time to see the reality of war, and hear the stories of the people who called Gettysburg home. The stories are told through 3-D photographs, artifacts and interactive displays.

3D Photograph - Gettysburg Heritage Center

In the center of the museum is a simulator that will allow you to experience what it was like as a civilian who lived within the borough during the battle. This simulator which runs on a loop, is from the stand point of a family who is has taken refuge in their basement. We have it as part of our video above.

The Cellar Experience - Gettysburg Heritage Center

There are many different displays and artifacts within the museum. Marianne took several pictures. To keep this blog post short, we will show you some of them here; however, make sure you click on the "More Photos" button to see all of her digital photographs from our visit.

There were many different items that were interesting to us that we greatly enjoyed, but a few of them popped out as more details related to the citizens and the town of Gettysburg itself.

There were more details on about John Burns and his story. There was more information we found about Basil Biggs and his contribution to disinterring and moving the bodies to the National Cemetery, and even more information about the location of the Gettysburg Address.

We really did enjoy our visit to this museum and will probably visit it again some time in the future. Let us know down in the comments section if you have visited this location yourself and about your experience.

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