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Hill View Manor - Our Second Paranormal Home

Starting in June of 2013, we have visited Hill View Manor in New Castle so many times that we cannot remember the actual count. We have investigated there, attended events there, put on a Halloween Party and Murder Mystery there, and even took a bus load of 50 people to investigate with us one night. Over the years, we have considered Hill View Manor to be our Second Paranormal Home.

Our very first trip to Hill View was to have a private tour of the facility to learn about the building and the spirits that still reside within the walls. We were in preparation of bringing a large group to the building for an all night paranormal investigation and the manager at the time, Rachelle Rozzo took us around and allowed us to get photographs of the building. From this trip, we produced a history video about the building which we showed to our guests for the ghost hunt; however, that video still resides linked on Hill View Manor's website.

Located at 2801 Hill View Manor Drive, New Castle, PA 16101 Hill View Manor sits up on a hill over looking route 65. Access to the building is normally blocked off unless there is a special event going on who you have rented the facility for a paranormal investigation. You can find out more about special events and rental pricing on their website.

Over the years we have established many friendships, both with the living and the spirit world. One of these friends is an entity referred to as Mary Virginia. Mary Virginia was a resident at Hill View during the years it was a nursing home. She was an elderly woman that loved dolls trinkets and many people have brought her items and left them for her in her room. She also likes when you sing nursery rhymes- especially "three blind mice".

Some of the first evidence we caught on film was from Mary Virginia's room. In the following video you will witness some flashlight responses as the group sings with Mary Virginia.

We have recommended Hill View Manor to so many people over the years who are interested in beginning with paranormal investigations and research, as this was the building where we decided to start focusing our research. Yes, we had our first experiences and interests on our trip to St. Augustine, Florida, but Hill View Manor was the first building we practiced our research and investigation techniques and began our serious attempts at communication with the spirit world. It is such a great building for beginners as the spirits within this building are welcoming to those who want to communicate and spend time with them.

If you would like to find out more about the history of the building, please watch our paranormal profile video below.

If you would like to find out more about the spirits who still reside throughout the building, we have produced a "Ghost Stories and Folklore" video about the Haunting of Hill View Manor.

As I have mentioned in this post a few times now, we have been to Hill View Manor several times, the following are a few more videos that we produced about the location and some of the time that we have spent there.

We even broadcasted our live stream from the building when we were there with a booth at a paranormal event called Hill Con.

Although we attended Hill-Con three different years, the following video was produced in 2018, the first time we started working our YouTube channel more aggressively and this was the last time we visited Hill View. Hopefully, someday we will return and visit with some of our spirit friends.

Please let us know down in the comments if you have visited Hill View Manor and what some of your experiences where while you were there. We would love to hear your stories.

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