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Investigating a Creepy Haunted Amusement Park

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

In April of 2019, Shawn investigated the paranormal claims at the Haunted Conneaut Lake Park. This was done on the Friday of the night before the conference. Marianne drove up on the following day. Some interesting things were found.

Shawn had to head up to the conference ahead of time since Marianne had work on that Saturday. He asked his good friend Andrew if he would like to come up with him since they had the suite reserved for the weekend (and to see if Andrew wanted to drive since there was a lot of stuff to take up and Marianne had the SUV for work). After bringing in all of the props and items for the booth, getting settled in the room, and having some dinner, Shawn thought it would be pretty interesting to go and walk around the "closed" amusement park and do some investigating of the claims there.

Shawn and Andrew decided to head back upstairs to get some equipment and heard a mom and her daughters at the desk talking about wanting to be a part of the paranormal investigation that was going to go on in the hotel (guest hosted by Our Haunted Travels) and they were asking how scary it would be. Shawn went over to the desk and invited them that they were welcome to come out with them that night to see how scary it actually was, so that the girls would be a bit more comfortable actually staying in the hotel.

That is why the video actually starts out in the "Fireplace" room of the hotel. The mom and the girls are sitting there when the video starts and actually helps Shawn when he cannot hear what is being said on the spirit box.

Now of course, this was after we started the Our Haunted Travels YouTube channel and blog so we had some proper recording equipment with us. Shawn put together the following video about the investigation.

The following day was the conference and we spent most of the day at the booth. Marianne was able to come up on Saturday and take part in the ghost hunt in the building that we guest hosted that night. On Sunday, before we left, we took a walk around the park, which we never did before together, in order to get some pictures and footage in the day time.

We walked around the amusement part to get some day time photos.

The amusement park, Conneaut Lake Park is located at: 12382 Center St W, Conneaut Lake, PA 16316 which is right next to Hotel Conneaut. UPDATE: 6/9/2022, The park has been closed for some renovations and may has new ownership, but according to their new website is scheduled to open again in July of 2022.

When the investigation video shows Shawn standing in the center at the ticket booth, it was hard to see the structure, but the following is a picture of the ticket booth. Can you imagine how many people over the years have come up to this ticket booth to purchase ride tickets?

One of the buildings that Shawn didn't realize was there was between the ticket booth and the "Blue Streak" which was the closed up carousel building. We were not able to get inside the building, but we stuck the camera through an opening to get some shots. Thankfully, we didn't drop the camera.

The real dark part of the video (where we think we heard a spirit say, "Boo" and maybe a couple of other EVPS, was standing in the front of the "Blue Streak". There are many stories and paranormal claims surrounding this coaster. You can find out more about the roller coaster "Blue Streak" here.

UPDATE: 6/9/2022: Unfortunately, the "Blue Streak" is no more. In an article (source listed below) by Meadville Tribune entitled Blue Streak remembered, they talk about how it was being repaired, then a controlled burn that got out of hand and it was eventually just demolished.

The following were some of the photos we took during the day when we were there. We walked all around the area where we thought we were getting the EVPs. The yellow section is where Shawn walked up to and the group thought we heard someone talking. It's sad that this coaster had to be torn down, but thankfully we spent some time getting some of these pictures.

While we were walking around the park, a couple came up to us that lived in the neighborhood. They were walking their dog through the park and told us about some stories about living there and how each summer their kids and grand kids would spend most of their summer at the lake or in the park. The following are some more photographs of the park we took while walking around.

At some point we want to go back a day when the park is open again. Just to walk around and experience it with people there and see the spots we investigated. That would be interesting.

We have the park documented on with Hotel Conneaut since they are right next to each other and basically on the same property. There is no separate entry for just the park itself.

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