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Mission Hills Park - San Diego

In November of 2018, we traveled out to San Diego, California. Once the stops on our list was Mission Hills Park. Although this is a beautiful city park, but what it made our list was not the pretty trees, but what is in the ground under them.

Mission Hills Park, also known as Pioneer Park, is located in Mission Hills. The park was one of the first cemeteries in San Diego and tombstones and graves of San Diego pioneers are still at the park. The park is said to go back as far as the late 1800s. It is a fairly large park with a grass area and a kids' playground. Tennis courts are located across the street from the main park area. The park can be permitted for picnics and weddings with a capacity of 750, but no inflatables are allowed. Food is allowed, but no glass containers.

​Mission Hills Park is available from 6 a.m. to dusk. The park is located at 1521 Washington Place. From Interstate 5, exit Washington Street and head east up the hill. Turn left onto Goldfinch Street, and then left onto Fort Stockton Drive. Turn left on Ingalls Street, and then right onto Washington Place. The park will be on your left just past Grant Elementary School. There is a small parking lot limited to a handful of cars and there is also street parking.

If you would like to find out more about the history of the park, watch the following video.

Now, those of you into the paranormal will know, when you mess with grave sites, you are probably going to get some (if not a lot) of paranormal activity around the area and nearby locations. Check out the following video about the paranormal claims at the park and nearby residences.

Our personal experiences when were are there, are summed up quite well in the next video where we talk about this actually being our first ever Uber ride, believe it or not. For years, we have always used taxis to get around areas where we don't have a rental car (or we didn't personally drive), but we decided to give it a try when we were out in San Diego. Much more economical, but a little heard to explain to the Uber driver, why we wanted him to wait for a few minutes... we got that sorted out.

The mark is amazing, and if you really didn't know about the history of the property, you could not really tell what lies beneath the ground. There are a few spots where you see some sunken areas though, which is indicative to older grave sites due to coffin collapses.

We are glad that we stopped here. Will we go back... Yes, if we ever make it back to San Diego. We would like to spend more time at the park, maybe do a little EVP session or two. If you have been to the park or would like to visit it in the future, please leave us a comment down below.

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