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Mothman Museum Review

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

On July 8, 2019 we traveled to Point Pleasant, West Virginia to find out more about the paranormal activity in the town and as much as we could about the Mothman.

We couldn't wait to get settled and head on over to the Mothman Museum in order to check it out. We have heard about this museum in so many documentaries and articles about the Mothman, that we felt like we were just destined to visit. While we were in town, we stayed at the Lowe Hotel, which is right across the street from the museum and the Mothman Statue. Oh, we had to go and check that out.

The Mothman Museum was established in 2006, and it is the only museum in the world that is dedicated to the legend and reports of the Mothman sightings. It is located at 400 Main St, Point Pleasant, WV 25550.

You can check out our review about the Mothman Museum in the video below:

Once we were inside the museum, we were so impressed by the collection of historical documents and memorabilia. It was amazing how the museum is organized and allows investigators to go and and review the information for their own research.

Now, if you don't know anything about the Mothman, make sure you check out our post and Behind the Haunting video. In that video, we go into detail about the reports and sightings.

We also created a "Behind the Haunting" Video about the Mothman, for those who have never herd of him before. This video will go in depth about the reported sightings and legend behind the Mothman.

We would definitely recommend this location for anyone into the legendary creature or for anyone who is studying and researching the Mothman and Silver Bridge Collapse. We actually made a point to have this location on our Haunted Ohio River trip in 2019, what better way to spend your vacation.

Please leave us a comment below if you have been to this location or if you would like to visit there sometime in the future.

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