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Oldest Building in Town

We have been to the Pioneer Pavilion in Youngstown several times. It is literally right now the street from our house in the park, but on June 24, 2022, we went down to the building to finish up our documentation and to try out our new camera.

Pioneer Pavilion was built in 1821, before the 1891 founding of Mill Creek Park. It was originally constructed by James Heaton as a woolen mill and evolved into a blast furnace, then a cattle barn. In 1891, park founder Volney Rogers bought the pavilion for the park. In 1893 he renovated it into a dining and dancing facility, according to "Historic Mill Creek Park," written by Carol Potter and Rick Shale, former park development/marketing director and commissioner, respectively. It is one of the oldest structures in the city.

Volney Rogers - Founder of Millcreek Park

The building is located within Millcreek part and is available for rents through Millcreek Park's website. You can find the building at: ​870 Old Furnace Rd, Youngstown, Ohio.

This building is very well maintained and is a beautiful structure. It is just like walking back in time both on the outside and inside. It is set close to Lake Cohasset and there is a river that runs past the building. It is such a great setting for any type of gathering.

We spent some time at the location Marianne read the historical placards for Pioneer Pavilion and Millcreek Furnace in our video. We also recorded the outside of the building and the nearby falls. We included some pictures of inside of the location that we took back when we rented the facility for a party in the past. You can check out that video below:

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, we used this location to try out our new camera since it is so close to our house. If the footage did not come out correctly for the video, then we could always just adjust and try again. Of course Marianne took some behind the scenes photos of Shawn using the new Sony ZV1 camera.

We will probably be back to the building again in the future for some type of event, or just to go down and enjoy the grounds. We did have a great time putting together the footage and photos to make this video to document the Pioneer Pavilion and share it with Our Haunted Travels' friends. If you have visited the pavilion in the past, please let us know down in the comments.

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