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The Weeping Angel of West State Street Cemetery - Athens, Ohio

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

In July of 2019, we traveled to Athens, Ohio and one of the locations that was on our "stop list" was the West State Street Cemetery to investigate the claims of the "Weeping Angel".

The reports that we found about the statue is that people sometimes witness the eyes of the angel weeping, the wings on the statue flapping, and there are also reports of strange orbs of light that is seen throughout the grounds of the cemetery.

Basically, it was enough information that warranted us to stop and conduct a small investigation of the cemetery. You can witness that investigation in our video below. If while you are watching this video, if you hear anything within the recording, please leave it in the comments section on YouTube. Also, we will be making the audio recording from Shawn's recorder, available to our Patreon supporters on our Patreon Page.

If you are in the Athens, Ohio area and would like to visit this cemetery for yourself, it is located at 1 Miller St Athens , OH 45701.

Marianne was certain enough to activate her forensic photography skills to document various angles and close ups of the statue as well. You can see these in the photos below.

This was an interesting cemetery to stop at, and we will be talking about it more in the future when we discuss the University, as this is one of the cemeteries that people believe is part of the pentagram that has the haunted dorm in the center.

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