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Visit to the Toledo Yacht Club

In May of 2019, we traveled to Toledo, Ohio for a paranormal conference that was held at the Toledo Yacht Club. We had such a great time and was able to add another historic and haunted location to the list of places we have personally visited.

The Toledo Yacht Club is a private yacht club in Bay View Park, in Toledo, Ohio, located on the Maumee River, at the western end of Lake Erie.

The Toledo Yacht Club is among the oldest yacht clubs in North America. Founded in 1865 with the name of Toledo Boat Club when two rowing clubs, the Undines and the Naiads, joined together and turned their attention to sailing.

In 1906, fire completely destroyed the club and all of its historic contents. By 1908, a new steel reinforced concrete Spanish style clubhouse was built on the site. This historic building still remains basically the same, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on December 12, 1976.

The only negative (if you would call it that) was we were not able to do our live stream show from the location due to the flooding that was taking place the day we were there. We were told that it happens quite often when the wind off Lake Eerie blows towards the location of the building and the water recedes as fast as it comes in when the wind stops.

If we did get the opportunity again in the future to go back to this location, we would definitely jump at the chance to do it. It would also be an awesome location for a paranormal investigation. Check out the video that we made that mentions this location and some of the interesting ghosts stories and folklore. There is a chapter in this video covering the Toledo Yacht Club.

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