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Visiting the Brandywine Falls and Inn

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

On September 21, 2019 we traveled to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and visited the Brandywine Falls and the outside are of the Inn at Brandywine Falls. We have heard of some reports around the falls, so we did a little investigating while were there as well.

We where not alone on this trip. We had Kay and Matt from Happy Trails Hiking and Lori Bryant with us as well. It was a great little adventure. The parking lot for the falls are very easy to get to and the hike down to the falls is an easy one.

In fact, you can go down to the falls via the stairs, or through the tunnel on the other side which might be a little easier. In the following video, we took the hike down the stairs, and did a little bit of investigating up by the Inn at Brandywine Falls towards the end of the video.

The area is quite amazing, I think we need to consider this one of the most beautiful haunted places that we have visited along our travels.

Located next to the falls is the ruins of a former mill that used to stand at the location. This is the area where most of the paranormal activity is reported around the falls (although we got more activity on the other side).

This site is also the location of a ghost town called Brandywine Village. Brandywine Village, Ohio is a former settlement located near Brandywine Falls in Summit County, Ohio, USA. It is within the boundaries of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The site lies on the border between Northfield Center Township and Sagamore Hills Township.

Like we mentioned, we got more activity up between the falls and the Inn at Brandywine Falls. You can see this in our video above. We were picking up some weird EMF readings on the Ovilus just by walking through this area.

This was a great area to visit, and we will probably go back again sometime in the future to see if we can get the same kind of readings on the Ovilus. Next time I would like to take a KII meter and scan this area a little better to see if there is anything around that could be causing these EMF readings... other than the spirits. Please let us know down in the comments below if you have visited this area before, or would like to add this location to your visit list.

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