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Haunted Theater For Sale - State Theater Point Pleasant, WV.

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

During our visit to Point Pleasant, West Virginia in July of 2019, we stopped by the State Theater on the main street next to the Silver Bridge memorial, and yes it is for sale.

The main reason for us stopping by this location are the paranormal claims that have been reported here. Some of which are related to the Silver Bridge disaster itself.

Point Pleasant's State Theater opened in the early 1940s and shares a lot of history with the town. The building was attached to the local hardware store, and the two businesses share a wall. During the aftermath of the Silver Bridge falling in 1967, the town used the basement of the hardware store to temporarily house those who perished. As a result, many people believe their spirits haunt the theater.

Witnesses have claimed to feel cold spots, especially around one particular seat. Lights turn on and off in the projection room, shadowy figures sometimes pass by, and one paranormal researcher felt a phantom hand press on her back. People have also claimed to see the first owner of the theater walk up and down the aisles each evening at precisely 8:45 pm.

For more information about the theater, check out our following video.

When we visited this location, it was closed and currently for sale, and like I mentioned, it is located right next to the Silver Bridge Memorial right in downtown Point Pleasant at 523 Main St, Point Pleasant, WV 25550.

If Point Pleasant wasn't so far from home base, we would of definitely considered looking into acquiring this property. Would of made for an interesting location to house the "Our Haunted Travels" item collection, but just a little to far for us. Let us know down in the comments if you have visited the theater in the past, or even had an experience yourself.

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