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Several Entities - Haunted by Nuns

If you are looking for buildings that are haunted and creepy in Toledo, this is the place. The reports of paranormal activity that takes place in this six story former convent now the Collingwood Art Center are more than tales to make your hair stand up on the back of your neck, they are just down right captivating.

It is believed that there are several entities that haunt this facility. There are reports of the spirit of an angry nun that spends her time in the theater and has been seen by performers sitting up in the balcony gazing down at them while they rehearse. It is believed that this nun had killed herself through the means of hanging and she is not a very happy spirit.

There are also the reports of the spirits of children running around an playing on the second floor of the Gerber House that sits out front on the main street. There are those who believe that these children may have died in the house due to the drinking of the contaminated water during a Typhoid epidemic.

There is also the report of another nun that will haunt the attic area. She is said to spend eternity sewing clothes and waving at the living when they walk by her. She is a more joyous type spirit.

Then there is the basement area with reports of dark figures and hooded dwarf like creatures that roam around putting off bad energy making everyone miserable.

​All-in-all, this location is a hotbed for paranormal activity and reports.

Now the Collingwood Arts Center, this complex is located at: ​2413 Collingwood Blvd, Toledo, Ohio and comprises of a couple of buildings.

We stopped by this location in May of 2019 while we were driving around Toledo finding different locations with paranormal claims. We did not go inside the building on that day since it appeared to be closed. We did try the door, but it was locked. We did get some pictures from outside of the building.

We featured this location in a video we made about haunted locations around Toledo. In the video we will over over the claims in more detail and we have some additional video footage.

We would love to go back to this location someday and see if we could go inside and walk around a bit. Maybe conduct and EVP or a spirit box session to see if we could make a connection with the spirits that roam inside. Let us know down in the comments if you have been to this location, had your own paranormal experience, or even investigated the location.

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