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Searching for Ceely Rose

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

In May of 2015 we attended a special event at Malabar Farms in Lucas, Ohio. The subject of the event was a special presentation about Ceely Rose which incorporated a short paranormal investigation at the Ceely Rose house that is on the same property as the Malabar Farm.

Inside the Ceely Rose House

The Ceely Rose House was the 19th Century home of a young, mentally challenged girl named Ceely Rose. In 1896, Ceely Rose murdered her three-person family by poisoning their food with arsenic. Annually in October, the Ceely Rose Play is performed in the Malabar Farm's timber frame barn, as part of a ghost story trilogy. The other two plays are Phoebe Wise and Louie. Malabar Farm is located at 4050 Bromfield Rd, Lucas, OH 44843.

In 2014, an episode of Ghost Hunters was filmed at the Ceely Rose House. The episode, entitled Family Plot, aired on the Syfy channel. The Ghost Hunter's crew investigates claims of paranormal activities stemming from the 1896 triple murder. On this same episode, they also spend time inside Louis Bromfield's "Big House" at Malabar Farm, again trying to document reported paranormal activity.

For more about the house and farm, please check out our video below.

The event began in the Malabar Farm visitor center. There was a presentation that talked about Ceely, her family, the crime, and the paranormal activity that occurs through the farm and especially in the barn when they are trying to perform the play about Ceely.

We then went down to the house. We were taken down by van from the visitor's center and got to spend sometime in the house after hearing another presentation. The house currently does not look anything like it did when the Rose family lived there. Over the years it has sat vacant, has been a rental property, and has even acted as a residence for those who work on at the Malabar Farm; however, do spirits actually leave a location if it is altered from the original look? I wonder how much the activity would pick up if they attempted to restore the house to the way it looked when Ceely lived there.

We then continued the event by going up to the barn and hearing about some of the activity in there, then we went into the big house and was able to do a little investigating in there as well. We will leave those details to when we talk about Malabar Farms in more detail; however, we did stream a "Behind The Haunting" live stream discussing Ceely Rose and the crime if you would like to hear more about that. Please note that this is a 2 1/2 video, but it does go into details pretty thoroughly.

Marianne also has a series on our channel called "Haunted History Recipes" where she occasionally creates a recipe video based on a location or haunting that we are covering during that time. We we covered the Ceely Rose House, she did a video showing how to make homemade smear case (cottage cheese), which is what is believed to be what Ceely used to add the arsenic poison to feed to her family.

Now, of course we knew about the paranormal activity surrounding the Ceely Rose case and Malabar Farms which is what brought it to our attention. Especially when we saw the episode of "Ghost Hunters" and realized how close the location was to our home, we just had to go and check it out for ourselves. If you would like to know more about the paranormal, check out our video below.

As an added bonus, we have the actual audio recording that Marianne made during the event that includes the presentations at the visitor center, the Ceely Rose house, and within the barn area. We now only put out these "special" videos for our Patreon supporters, but at the time when we published this one, we did not have our Patreon page yet. We were not able to go out to the cemetery this time due to rain, but that is normally part of this presentation as well. If you would like to attend one of these yourself, please check the Malabar Farm website for their schedule. Again, the video of the presentation is about 2 hours and 20 minutes long, but if you hear anything strange during the recordings, please leave us a comment on the video.

Please let us know if you have been to Malabar Farms and/or the Ceely Rose house, or if you would like to visit these places some time in the future down in the comments below.

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