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Spirits Still Roam - Old Stagecoach Inn

We investigated the Old Stagecoach Inn, in Palmyra, Ohio In September of 2014, November of 2014, and in July of 2015. Each time we were at this location it was a full lock down rental of the facility with no-one else in the building but our investigation team.

This historic inn began serving travelers on the old Portage-Columbiana stage road (now Tallmadge Road) in 1832. Two major stage lines, one from Cleveland to Wellsville (the closest Ohio River port) and the other from Cleveland to Pittsburgh, passed through Palmyra in the early 1800s. Originally a simple two-story Greek Revival-style building, it had its third story added in 1888 when it became a lodge for the Knights of Pythias fraternal organization. It served as a private residence and store for most of the 20th century.

The Palmyra Center Hotel was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. Also known as the Palmyra Center Hotel, the Old Stagecoach Inn is located at Palmyra Center Hotel, 9401 Tallmadge Rd, Diamond, OH 44412, but is currently not opened to the public.

We would consider the current status of this building as being in much need of repair. Although the lot outside is taken care of on a regular basis, the building itself is slowly deteriorating and in jeopardy of just being lost unless restoration efforts are made to save it.

Our interior pictures date back to the last time we were there in July of 2015. Since the building is currently closed to the public, we are not sure about the condition inside at the present time. We hope that work has been done to try and save the structure.

If you would like to learn more about the history of this location, we produced a paranormal history video below that goes into some more details.

Now, for the paranormal claims about this location. Boris took care of that with another episode of "Ghost Stories and Folklore".

Like I said in the intro, we investigated this location on 3 separate occasions. In our following "Experience and Theories" video we will share with you some of our experiences and some of the potential paranormal evidence we captured during those investigations.

Back while we were investigation the location, many other paranormal groups where going into the building and conducting their own as well. We were asked by EctoVision Paranormal to be in their documentary about the building. You can see our interview in the video below.

Behind the Scenes Patron Video

Our Patreon Supporters were treated to a special "Behind the Scenes" video this week for this location where we talked more in-depth about the building and some of the other interesting things that took place. You can unlock that video today (and other special videos) for starting at only $1/ month or $12 / Year, by becoming an Our Haunted Travels Patreon Supporter.

Update: 3/5/2020

We produced another video with some of the potential evidence that we collected while performing paranormal investigations over a few years. You can see that in the video below.

We really did enjoy the time we spent investigating the Old Stagecoach Inn and were sad to see when it was closed down to investigators. Hopefully, some day in the future it will open up again and allow paranormal investigators back in to try and piece together all of the activity that takes place there.

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