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Ducks and Ghosts - The Peabody Hotel in Memphis

Our visit to Memphis in 2008 also included finding the hotel that is famous for their ducks. Since the 1930's the Peabody Hotel's ducks will come down from their home on the room into the lobby to spend their day in the hotel's fountain.

We published a video talking about the history of the hotel, the ducks, the paranormal, and our personal experiences. You can check out that video below.

The hotel is located at 149 Union Ave. in Memphis, TN. You can find out more information about rooms, rates, and the history of the ducks on the Peabody Hotel's website.

We heard about the hotel and their famous ducks before we went to Memphis and added it to our list of places we wanted to stop. Of course if you are in the area and a beautiful hotel has real mallard ducks in their lobby, you have to at least stop by and take a look to see what is going on. In 2008, we were not researching the paranormal yet, so at that time we didn't know about the paranormal reports that surround the eleventh floor. If we would have known at the time, you could be sure we would of stopped on that floor to have a look around as well.

We did make our way up to the roof to see where the ducks live and check out a different perspective of Memphis from the roof of the hotel.

We didn't actually stay at the hotel, we were staying about a mile away at another hotel where Marianne's conference was being held, but from what we saw just in the lobby, it appears that the building is very well maintained and probably a very nice place to get a room.

As we have mentioned in our video, the hotel is also famous for some other events. This is the hotel where Elvis Presley attended his high school reunion and signed his contract with RCA Victor.

Also, there were several movies that were filmed at the hotel over the years, including "The Firm" with Tom Cruise.

We did not get the chance to see the ducks march into the elevator and down to the lobby (or visa versa), which would have been interesting to experience. The ducks come down at 11 a.m. and go back upstairs at 5 p.m. if you have a chance to go and see them. If we are back in the Memphis area again in the future, we will try to make sure to be there at these times. Let us know down in the comments if you have visited or even stayed at the hotel. Would would love to hear about your adventure.

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