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Our Stay at the Haunted Lafayette Hotel

In September of 2019, we traveled to Marietta, Ohio and spent the weekend at the very haunted Lafayette Hotel. Little did we know that on the second night of our stay, the power would go out in the entire building.

The itinerary for the weekend was to take the ghost tour on Friday night, meet up with Marianne's sister and husband (JoAnn and Mark) on Saturday to take a tour of the Cawley & Peoples Mortuary Museum, and visit as many haunted locations in Marietta as possible, then head back home on Sunday.

We arrived on Friday night, hopefully in time to catch the ghost tour that was scheduled to take place a little ways from the hotel. When we arrived to check in, parking was an issue and we had to park down the street from the hotel. We were hoping that a spot would be available when we returned after the ghost tour.

The Lafayette Hotel is located at 101 Front St, Marietta, Ohio and is the perfect location to stay if you travel to Marietta to either experience some of the paranormal activity in the town, or if you are there for the Steamboat festival since it sits right on the bank of the Ohio River.

We made a video about our stay at the hotel. It also includes the history and what we did when the power went off. You can check out that video below:

The Lafayette Hotel is named after the visit in 1825 of the Marquis de Lafayette, French hero of the American Revolution. A plaque near the Hotel marks the spot where Lafayette came ashore in Marietta and today the locals boast that the first tourist to visit Marietta was Marquis de Lafayette.

Our room was very nice, up on the fifth floor (Room 500) overlooking the Ohio River. For a hotel of this age, they kept the rooms updated with that old-world feel to them which was a great experience. It was like stepping back in time to the way it was back when Mr. Hoag owned, managed, and lived at the hotel.

On Saturday night, after all of our running and around and travels during the day, we got back into our room to rest up and relax for the evening. During the night, the power went out in the entire building. When this happened, Marianne could not sleep, so she woke me up. We decided to just go on our YouTube channel and go live. The following is that live stream from the dark haunted Lafayette Hotel.

Before we left on Sunday, we went around the building to get some more photos and footage. Not knowing exactly how we would edit together our video(s) at the time (which is the case for most locations we visit), we just took as much as possible.

The Building Exterior

The Main Lobby

Items from the original hotel

Items from Steamers

This building is extremely active as far as documented paranormal claims. There is a lot of information out there that other have reported, but most of the reports center around the third floor and the former owner and manager that lived in the hotel for some time. If you look at the research links below, you can see some of the other pages we have used to put together our video and documentation for this location and why we actually chose this hotel to stay.

We did enjoy our stay at the hotel and will go back again in the future if we find ourselves back in Marietta, Ohio which is a great destination if you are looking for paranormal activity. Please be sure to leave us a comment below if you have stayed or visited the Lafayette Hotel and let us know your experiences. There are also more photographs that we took at this location which you can see by clicking on the "more photos" link below.

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