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The Little Girl of the City Gates - St. Augustine, Florida

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

We have visited St. Augustine on two separate occasions. Once, during our honeymoon in 2006 and we went back again in 2010. During the trip in 2010, our quest in researching the paranormal first began.

In 1808, the residents of St. Augustine erected the pillars of the City Gate using coquina blocks. The Cubo Line was also reconstructed at the same time. The City Gate pillars still stand today, along with reconstructed portions of the Cubo Line marking the beginning of St. George Street leading visitors though the heart of the city.

The City Gates of St. Augustine are located at 102 Orange St, St. Augustine, FL 32084.

For more about the St. Augustine City Gates, watch our following video.

In the introduction of this blog, I said that we have visited St. Augustine at two different times. The City Gates cannot be missed as you are driving into town and we have been to them several times either during the day or even in the evenings.

So what about the little girl?

Many people say the city gates are haunted due to the yellow fever epidemic that broke out. During that time, a little girl was found dead wearing a white dress. Nobody claimed her, but some say her name was Elizabeth and she was later buried in an unmarked mass grave in the nearby Huguenot Cemetery.

There are those who say if you walk near the city gates in the early morning hours, you can see her dancing by the gates.

We also found an update to this story that sates that during the time of the epidemic, if there was someone found in your home with yellow fever, you were driven from the town and your house was burnt down so the disease would not spread further. They claim that little Elizabeth's parents did not want to leave town, so they left her at the city gates to avoid any detection of the disease in their home. This is one of the most famous ghost stories in St. Augustine.

The City Gates of St. Augustine was part of the first ghost walk that we ever attended in 2010. We heard the story of Elizabeth during this tour and went back to the gates after the ghost walk to take some photos.

We made a video talking about the two photos we captured with orbs in the photos. We asked the viewers to leave us a comment asking them what they thought about the photos, as we explained that we were trying to communicate with Elizabeth and asked her to place the orbs in the photos as we were taking them. What do you think? Watch the following video and leave us a comment on YouTube with your thoughts.

We plan on returning to St. Augustine sometime in the future. We want to go back to the city gates late at night and conduct an EVP session trying to speak with Elizabeth even further and see if we can reproduce these orb photos. If you have been to the St. Augustine City Gates in the past or would like to visit this location in the future, please let us know down in the comments section below.

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