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Did All Guests Check Out? - Hotel Conneaut

We have visited Hotel Conneaut several times and have investigated the hotel on three different occasions, as well as, the amusement park that sits next to this building. This blog post is dedicated to tell you about the history of the location, the paranormal claims, and our personal experiences.

Hotel Conneaut (at least the address we use when we visit) is located at: ​12241 Lake Street Conneaut Lake , PA 16316

In the normal Our Haunted Travel's fashion, the first thing we want to discuss is the history of the location. Marianne actually covered the history of the location live during the first investigation that we ran during a Psychic Fair that we attended. Watch the following video about the history of the Haunted Hotel Conneaut.

Now onto the paranormal claims. We have our buddy "Boris" who produced a Ghost Stories and folklore video about the location. He will tell you about all of the paranormal claims that take place throughout the building.

Lastly, we like to finish up with our personal experiences about the location. As mentioned before, we have been to this location on many occasions, but the following video will help summarize some of our personal experiences. Including Marianne witnessing her first "shadow figure".

If you know anything about us (especially Marianne), over the many different visits that we have made to this location, Marianne has taken a couple thousand photos. You can see more of them if you click on the photo page button below in the section of this post, but here are just a few of those photos from our collection.

Once we get back into doing paranormal conference, we will probably go back to Hotel Conneaut someday in the future. We would really like to go there in the summer time when the park is open to just see how the grounds are with hundreds or thousands of people on the property. If you would like to learn more about this location, check out some of our other posts about Hotel Conneaut.

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