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Exploring Blue Hen Falls

On September 21, 2019, we continued our adventures and hikes for the day and went down to the Blue Hen Falls in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park that is reportedly haunted, but was quiet beautiful at the same time.

Of course, we didn't know the paranormal reports about the falls until after we got back home and started doing some research for this blog post, so we didn't take any equipment with us.

This would be a fun little trip to go back and do some investigation in the area. Parking at the trail head is a little limited to about 4 spots, but across the street is a larger overflow parking lot. The hike down to the falls is about a 1/2 mile, so it is not too bad. For those of you would like to visit this location, the trailhead to the falls is located at 2001 Boston Mills Rd, Brecksville, OH 44141.

The hike to the falls from the parking lot is mostly down hill until you reach a bridge that crosses over the creek. When you reach the bridge, you are very close to the falls, just keep going a little bit further.

Once you reach the falls, there is an overlook that looks down into the creek area. You can get a great view of the falls from here, but if you want to go down by the creek, you have to climb down the hill further (just remember, you will have to climb back up). There are no stairs or railing here.

I (Shawn) decided to just stay up top and let everyone else make that climb down there. I know I could of made it down, but was worried about trying to get back out there. As most of you know, I am a bigger guy, and the hike out to these falls, we have already walked and hiked about 3 miles this day. I just decided to take it a little easy, of course of recommendation by Marianne. I'm real glad I listened.

To add to our adventure we had Kay and Matt from Happy Trails Hiking and Lori Bryant with us on this trip. In fact, Lori was the one who found the falls and wanted to go and check it out. Glad she did, since we did find the paranormal reports in this area. I was curious about that since this area is part of that Ohio Hell town area as well. Please let us know in the comments below of you have visited these falls or would like to visit them some day in the future.

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