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The Night Watchman of Hope Iron Furnace

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

In July of 2019, we stopped off at the Hope Iron Furnace on our way from Athens, Ohio to Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The reason for our stop was the claims of the spirit of the night watchman that has been reported at this location.

The Hope Furnace is a historic blast furnace in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of Ohio. Located along State Route 278, approximately 5 miles northeast of the village of Zaleski, it is one of two extant iron furnaces in Vinton County.

Between 1854 and 1874, the furnace was used to smelt iron ore, using coal or charcoal for fuel. It is a rectangular structure, built of sandstone and shaped like a truncated pyramid.

As mentioned above, we have heard about the claims and stories about the night watchman that still roams around the furnace at night, especially during lighting storms. Although it was sunny and warm on the day we stopped, we still had to go and see this location for ourselves since we were so close to it from Athens, Ohio.

The following video will bring you along with our visit to see the furnace and conduct a short EVP session. We will be posting another video for our Patreon supporters that has the actual audio from that session off of Shawn's recorder.

It was an interesting experience being there at the furnace all alone, although it didn't feel like we were alone. As we walked around taking video and pictures, there was that feeling like someone was watching us from a distance. Then, as we headed back to the car to leave, a hiker came out of the wood across the street from the parking lot. Were they the one that was just waiting for us to leave to carry on with their hike, or was there something else there that we just couldn't see?

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