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Squire's "Haunted" Castle

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

On July 28, 2015, We traveled to Willoughby Hills, Ohio and Squire’s Castle to just check out the location to see if it would be a great place to bring a group for Dark Shadow Ghost Tours.

Little did we know that we would capture some evidence on our recorders.

The history of this location is quite interesting. F.B. Squire began the construction of his “country” home on 500 acres of land near Cleveland. Squire loved the outdoors and was an avid hunter. The castle was actually constructed to be the gate house for the larger country estate that was going to sit up on a hill behind the castle, yet the rest of the construction was never finished. Over the years, the gate house received the name of Squire’s Castle.

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There are some paranormal claims at this location. Legend has it that Mrs. Squire did not like the country as much as her husband, and she used to walk the castle late at night carrying a red lantern since she couldn’t sleep. One night she was startled in the trophy room, tripped, and broke her neck. Now it is believed that she lingers the castle and some say they can still see her carrying that red lantern. Although, we found that Mrs. Squire passed away miles away in another one of their homes. Although there is something or someone still there haunting the castle.

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Our visit to Squire’s Castle was an awesome adventure. Although it took us a while to get to the location since Shawn did not pay attention to the database and looked up the wrong address. We actually ended up at the offices for the park instead of the castle itself, and then had to head to the other side of Cleveland through busy traffic. Of course, in our location video, Marianne does have to point this out, and we can guarantee that the address in is the correct address to Squire’s Castle.

We spent a few hours at the location. At first, we were not able to get into the castle since there was photography sessions going on, and it was hard for us to get a picture of the front of the building without anyone being in the photo. It was quite a busy location and park on the day we visited. Then towards the end of our visit, it seemed like everyone left and we got to spend some time alone with the building.

As we went from room to room reading all of the plaques and taking pictures, our recorders were rolling. In some of the rooms we performed an EVP session, just to see if we could communicate. We were able to capture a few EVPs on our recorders.

Well, if Mrs. Squire does not haunt this location, why would the location have some activity? At this point in our research, we really don't know why. The castle sits back into the park and is visited by many different people throughout the summer. We don't know what could of taken place here; however, we do that that the Mr. Squire and his daughter did love coming out to the castle for retreats. Could they be coming back to the a place that they enjoyed while they were on earth?

The following are just some of the photos that Marianne took during our visit.

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