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Where have we been?

It has been since March 12 of 2020 since our lives drastically changed. We had a hard decision to make to find more time in our lives to deal with our careers.

Then our struggle was... how to we come back? How do we get back into Our Haunted Travels? We tried a few times over the past couple of years, but nothing quite clicked. Maybe it was running out of time, or something else in life side lining us, we could not figure out the best opportunity. So, an idea hit us for a come back video. With that in mind, we decided to take some time with it. Conduct our research, have fun filming, etc... but more about that in another post.

We needed a way to come back. One that bridged what we were doing on Our Haunted Travels, to getting back into the grove. The idea was, let's create a vlog post. We do have a vlog channel, and now we will be using it more for some "behind-the-scenes" videos and vlogs. Our first video after a couple of years was posted today. You can find out where we went, what we have been doing, and what we plan to do in the future in our vlog post.

Well, the plan is now to work on the videos slowly. Take our time, make them good. Put in the time on the research and not worry about deadlines. We have already shot our next vlog video that will come out when we release the "comeback" video on the main channel.

We want to thank all of our viewers and supporters for being so understanding during these issues we have had to deal with and we hope that most will come back and enjoy more of Our Haunted Travels.

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