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Zombies Have Infested Newton Falls

Often we have to take a break form our travels to work on other things in life. On Saturday, October 26, 2019, Marianne organized a Zombie run at the school as a fundraiser for the National Honor Society.

We knew that the weather was not going to co-operate with us on this date; however, when you plan an event like this, you just have to roll with it and make it happen.

So, we thought, if we changed the course a little bit and setup the start/finish and sign-in up under the stadium bleachers, this would help shield the event a little bit from the rain that we were having. This was an excellent idea, since it poured. You can see some of the highlights from the event in our video below.

Well, if you have never attended one of the events we have organized in the past, you probably don't realize how much detail we (Marianne actually) puts into them. This is like an obsession with Marianne once she gets into the creation mode. The following are some of the items that she personally made for the event.

For those who showed up to play in the rain, it seemed like everyone had a great time. There is talk about making this an annual event. We will see if it happens again next year.

The National Honor Society, never asks for any praise or recognition for the services they offer and provide to others. They do it, because they want to do it for their community. But, Shawn is writing this blog post, so he is going to mention another service that the kids provided after the race, that most probably did not even know happened. As you can see, there was a lot of food left over. A hundred hot dogs and cupcakes were made, due to the fact that people could still register the day of the race. So, what happened to what was left over? Well, the kids took it across the street to the nursing home for the seniors to enjoy as a snack. Are we proud of the kids at the school? Absolutely, 100% proud.

Well, leave us a comment below if you attended the event, or any other Zombie Run somewhere else and let us know you about your experiences.

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